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LHWL 2020-2021 Scholarship Application due by Tuesday, February 9th by 4:00 pm

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Join us with your support…

Lake Highlands Women’s League is humbled by those who came before us, creating the opportunity to make our community better. Lake Highlands is healthy because of the ripple effect of the League’s work in cultivating strong schools, neighborhoods and businesses. Join us with your support. It’s more fun working together and impossible without you!

Who we are

Since 1969, Lake Highlands Women’s League has been committed to our community by providing volunteers and grants in support of local non-profit agencies and scholarships for graduating Lake Highlands High School seniors. Today, 100 active members and over 250 sustaining members continue the legacy of raising and distributing an impressive amount of money towards very worthy causes.

Founders of LHWL 1970
LHWL Volunteers 2018